Final Hits Big Screen

THORN ATHLETIC are delighted to announce that our League Cup Final clash with Dumbarton will be professionally filmed.

For the first time ever, Caledonian League officials have struck a deal with FilmMyMatch company to provide a full package for each of their three showpiece finals.

And our club will be one of the first beneficiaries when we travel to Clyde’s Broadwood Stadium on Friday, April 7.

Their specialist HI-POD equipment enables them to film at a height of up to 30ft above pitch level, giving them the optimum view of any match.

The equipment is mobile and can be used at any facility, from park pitches to Premier League stadiums, providing ‘Match Of The Day’ style footage that can be kept as a unique memento of the match or used as a superb coaching tool.

Footage is uploaded to their secure online video sharing platform within 2-3 days of your match. Your footage can then be viewed and shared online on your PC, laptop or mobile device. Or it can be downloaded and burned to multiple DVDs, saved to memory stick or uploaded to YouTube as you see fit.

Thorn manager James Donnelly said: “This is a wee incentive for the players to go out and play well and also for family, friends and supporters to come along and watch.

“It is a nice touch that the boys will be able to look back on the final in years to come and perhaps show their kids and family. 

“We are grateful to the league for facilitating this and adding to the occasion for both teams.”

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